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Welcome to Our Social Klub!!!


Let's face it. The world is upside down and it seems like things are not going to get any better anytime soon. If you're a go-getter like me, you'll thrive in the face of adversity. If we are alike, we will find ways to overcome despite these challenges.


Last year, I created Krush Social, a fun group of like-minded, ambitious souls: An assembly of Houston’s Young Professionals, natives and newbies combined. We are Business Owners. Sales Experts. Networkers. Problem Solvers - We're busy movers & shakers that won't wait for someone else to give us solutions. We find them ourselves and we take care of business. When we are done with the daily grind, we know how to have a good time!


If I'm describing you or if you can relate, Krush Social Klub is for you as well! Feel free to like and follow our Facebook and Instagram pages to stay informed about our networking groups and social events for professional singles. I hope to see you in one of our virtual events very soon!  



Of course we'd all love to be running along the beach's shores with Bae,  in some exotic land... But until it's safe to do so, we have to be responsible.  Keeping socially distant does not mean we can't be social! The creators of Krush Social have figured out a way for our clients to meet new sexy singles safely! You'll have an opportunity to develop the crush you’ve been seeking, out of harms way.


This one's for the shy guys! Attending a virtual speed dating event is as convenient and descrete as it gets! We want our clients to feel comfortable and focus on the possibilities in front of them; not irritated by a 45 minute communte. Once you enter the virtual event, we will set a laid-back-chill vibe for  you, so you will have a unique & exciting experience without ever leaving your home.


We invite people of all ethnicities to speed date. Occasionally, we may create an event for a specific demographic, but we sincerely believe that love has no color! If you are a single, business professional with a great outlook on life, you will always be welcome to join! We support the pursuit of racial equality, however, we work very hard to ensure our singles enjoy themselves. In other words, we know the struggle is real but when you're with us, we ask that you respect the sexy vibes and have fun!


We offer a discreet, orderly approach to dating in Houston by inviting you to experience many dates within the privacy of our exclusive social club. Simply choose the event you wish to attend and purchase your tickets online. Any questions, concerns or advice will be addressed by e-mailing


During our Virtual Speed Dating Series, you'll have an opportunity to go on multiple mini-virtual dates with a like-minded, diverse group of sexy singles! Prior to the event, will send you a meeting ID and password. We will also send you an electronic version of our score card for ranking each dater on categories like personality, appearance, conversation and chemistry.


Our host will greet you as you join our virtual meeting room to explain the details about our private chat rooms will work. You will then go on a series of 5-minute one-on-one dates with each participant. Afterwards you will let us know who you liked by emailing us your completed scorecards.


We will identify your crush and only share contact information for those who felt a mutual connection. So, all you have to do is look cute, grab a glass of wine and be ready to flirt on your virtual dates!


Text us : 8322293028
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Our Ask...

We operate with the sincerest intent for our clients to make significant connections with like-minded individuals. To preserve this mission, we screen our daters to confirm they meet our standards: positive people doing positive things. We ask that our clients are determined, optimistic and eager to meet awesome new people. Please come with an open mind and a willingness to treat others with kindness.


Still, we understand that everyone ain’t for everybody. If we think a prospect won’t meet your expectations, we will act to ensure you don’t meet them.

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